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Karen Paulina Biswell, Colombia

Epiphany (August 2015)



Surrounded by nature, I was at the end of the valley, at the end of the street. Having no place to escape to, I had to confront myself and the mountains that I perceived from my window. Here and there I took my chance and photographed some women… This gave me the opportunity to look at myself through them. This portraits are, in a way, self-portraits. My mirrors…

It was a period of uncertainty, of ingenuousness, of labyrinths and imaginary paths. The nature I saw was dominant, zen, wise, peaceful. I decided to make a study on the spirit of the forms and their appearance. In the natural environment I discovered new, unperceived forms.

It was a solitary work, but I realised that I was being watched. From there emerged invisible friends. I realised that they see us dream and contemplate. They emerge from epiphany and stand out form the light and the forms.

“Mi trovavo in fondo alla valle, là dove termina la strada. Immersa nella natura, senza un posto in cui poter scappare, ho dovuto confrontarmi con me stessa e le montagne che percepivo dalla mia finestra. A volte mi soffermavo a fotografare donne… Questo mi permetteva di guardarmi attraverso di loro. I loro ritratti sono per certi versi degli autoritratti. I miei specchi”…


“È stata una tappa di incertezza, ingenuità, labirinti e percorsi immaginari. Ho visto una natura dominante, zen, saggia, tranquilla. Ho deciso di fare uno studio sullo spirito delle forme e delle loro manifestazioni. Nella natura ho scoperto forme nuove, che non avevo mai percepito prima”.


Sonogno, Valle Verzasca
Expo 2015

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Karen Paulina Biswell

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Karen Paulina Biswell is a colombian photographer, who grew up in Colombia and France. From a certain angle her work can be considered as social reportage. However, she never began an investigation with the intention of exposing a particular social or political message. Rather, her work is autobiographical. This comes from her internal desire to explore the boundaries of human feelings: vulnerability, strength, sexuality and authenticity.

Born in Aruba in 1983. Lives and works between Bogota, Paris and Taganga.

The 2015 and 2016 editions of this Artist-in-Residence project were part of the national initiative ’’Cultural diversity in non-urban regions“ launched by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia. Through its initiative Pro Helvetia encourages and strengthens the regional cultural offering.