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Verzasca FOTO Festival take place in the Verzasca Valley, Canton of Ticino, Switzerland. 

Sonogno place of the main activities, is a peaceful village of stone rustic houses.
Situated around one thousand metres above sea level, its surrounded by mountains and intense nature.
A perfect place to take a breath, be relaxed and getting creative away from the every day rush.

During the main festival days you can visit outdoor exhibition in dialogue with nature, meet international artists and enjoy all free public evenings and nights taking place in stone houses, barns and squares of the valley villages.


BOARD AND LODGE (or rich genuine food and mountain breeze) 

We offer the possibility of single boards and single overnights in the village of Sonogno.

We also offer a full board package deal at a cost of 165 Swiss francs including:
- 3 overnights in 1000 meters high village of Sonogno from 5th al 8th September 2019
- 9 boards (except photo night)
- free portfolio reviews priority (7th of September 2019)

For reservations:


Sonogno is up in the mountains but very easy to access by car or public transportation.

By plane. You can land in:
- Milan Malpensa International Airport (138 km away from Sonogno) and take the Malpensa Express Shuttle Bus until Bellinzona and then a regional train Tenero or Locarno;
- Zurich International Airport (234 km away from Sonogno) and take a train till Tenero or Locarno.

By train you can go until Tenero or Locarno train station (28 km away from Sonogno). From there you can take a bus to Sonogno (bus 321). 

If you come by foot... follow the river!